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We are a Taipei-based design agency that offers creative solutions for a variety of design needs. Our specialization lies in providing customized branding and commercial design consultation services to clients from all backgrounds, whether you are a small startup aiming to make a big impact or a large corporation seeking a fresh perspective.

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We are a Taipei-based design agency that offers creative solutions for a variety of design needs. Our specialization lies in providing customized branding and commercial design consultation services to clients from all backgrounds, whether you are a small startup aiming to make a big impact or a large corporation seeking a fresh perspective.

Dynamic City Parkour 城市跑酷


𒊹︎︎︎ Logo type Design
𒊹︎︎︎ Promotional Material Design

In collaboration with the New Taipei City Culture Foundation, We had the opportunity to work on the logo type design for "城市跑酷 Dynamic City Parkour." Rooted in the Foundation's vision of promoting cultural equality, this project aims to break down barriers between urban and rural areas by offering elementary school students across New Taipei City the chance to engage in a city parkour-themed painting activity.

The logo type design captures the essence of this dynamic concept, with bold and lively typography that reflects the adventurous spirit of parkour. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant illustrations by local illustrator, Train 火車, the design incorporates jumps and parkour movements through characters, creating a sense of excitement and movement.

在與新北市文化基金會的合作中,我們有機會為「城市跑酷 Dynamic City Parkour」設計標誌字型。在基金會與主創作、動畫製作者黑碼藝識共同合作的專案中,根植於促進文化平權的願景, 他們期待透過繪畫打破城鄉圍籬,藉由動畫線稿接力創作,共同完成圓頂動畫作品。

標誌字型設計捕捉了這個動態概念的本質,採用了大膽而生動的字體,反映了跑酷的冒險精神。配合插畫家火車 (Train) 的生動筆觸,通過字型的跳躍和動態,營造歡樂動感的氛圍。

Through this project, children are invited to unleash their imagination and explore the colorful cityscape of New Taipei City, transcending boundaries and embarking on an exhilarating urban adventure.


計畫總籌 | New Taipei City Culture Foundation 財團法人新北市文化基金會
主創作 動畫製作 | Hey mechanic! 黑碼藝識 
插畫設計 | 火車 Train

標準字設計 | 厸彡 Linshan

Year of the Tiger Campaign - New Taipei City Government


𒊹︎︎︎ Promotional Campaign
𒊹︎︎︎ Illustration Design

Our team was tasked with creating a campaign that celebrated the Chinese New Year (2022 Year of the Tiger) while highlighting the beauty and diversity of New Taipei City. Inspired by the famous line of poetry "In me the tiger sniffs the rose", we chose to depict a gentle and calm tiger sniffing a beautiful Camellia flower, which represents the city.

We designed a calendar featuring the distinct features of each district in New Taipei City, showcasing the city's cultural and geographical diversity. The campaign also included the design of red envelopes and yoyo card covers, which were widely distributed throughout the city during the holiday season. It was an honor for our project to be featured in the governmental annual as well.

受新北市文化局委託設計及創建一個慶祝中國農曆新年(2022年虎年)並凸顯新北市之美和多樣性的活動。受到著名詩句「心有猛虎,細嗅薔薇」的啟發,我們選擇描繪一隻溫和平靜又可愛的老虎,嗅聞美麗的新北市市花 - 山茶花。我們設計了一份以新北市各區獨特特色為主題的日曆,展示了這座城市的文化和地理多樣性,同時結合虎年的主題。
Our team's vision was to create a campaign that was not only festive and celebratory, but also deeply rooted in the cultural identity of New Taipei City. It was a pleasure to work on a project that brought together the traditional and modern elements of design, and to witness the community's positive response to our work.


New Taipei City Museum 新北博


𒊹︎︎︎ Logo design
𒊹︎︎︎ Integrated project

Invited by the New Taipei City Cultural Bureau, we were commissioned to design the logo for the "New Taipei City Museum" campaign. The campaign aimed to bring together six museums located in New Taipei City onto a single platform, allowing citizens to easily access information about each museum.

The logo design utilizes a constructivist approach to symbolize the connection between the different styles and atmospheres provided by the museums, all coming together in one platform. The design is kept to a single color, lending a minimalist and modern look that resonates with the city's cultural and creative vibe. Our design captures the essence of the campaign, emphasizing the unification of diverse cultural elements into a single cohesive platform

受新北市文化局邀請,我們負責設計「新北 博」的標誌 LOGO。項目旨在將新北市六座博物館匯聚於一個平台,方便市民瀏覽各博物館的資訊。標誌設計採用建構主義的手法,象徵著不同風格和氛圍的博物館在同一平台上的連結。設計以單一顏色為主,呈現出極簡主義和現代感,與城市的文化創意氛圍相呼應。

In addition to the logo, we also designed shopping bags for the brand, which are used in all museum gift shops. The bags feature the campaign's logo and are designed to reflect the brand's core values of accessibility and inclusivity. Our design approach was to create a simple yet visually striking design that highlights the brand's identity and purpose. The shopping bags have become a popular item among museum-goers, further promoting the brand's message and values.


NTC Cultural Design Travel Workshop 新北文化行旅工作坊


𒊹︎︎︎ Key visual design

We are invited to design the poster for the event "Design and Culture Travel in New Taipei City" for the New Taipei City Culture Foundation. We created a unique hand-drawn style for the key visual, which combines the Chinese character "文" (representing culture) with a pair of legs to create a happy and whimsical design.

The poster design reflects the project's theme of cultural exploration and travel, showcasing the diverse cultural experiences that New Taipei City has to offer.


︎︎︎know more about the event. 了解更多

Technologies and Arts Educational Programme


𒊹︎︎︎ Key Visual design

The poster design for the event "Technologies and Arts Educational Programme". Invited by the New Taipei City Culture Foundation, we created a design that intuitively combines the words "Tech" and "Art" to create a typographical key visual. The word "Tech" was designed using a circuit board as inspiration, resulting in a unique and eye-catching typography for the word "科技". Meanwhile, the word "Art" was created using geometric shapes, resulting in a vivid and easy-to-understand design that is perfect for students.

The programme focuses on bringing technology and art together, and the poster design perfectly captures this intersection. It was an enjoyable challenge to create a design that not only conveys the message of the programme but also captivates the audience's attention. As a designer, it was fulfilling to work on a project that encourages students to explore and experiment with the intersection of technology and art.


︎︎︎event photos are provided by client. 活動照片由客戶提供

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